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Lightroom 4 and Blurb join forces

Along the Way

 Lightroom 4 is now available for public beta testing. It looks like the final version will be available this spring.

The big news is that Lightroom 4 has some great new features, including two new additions to the Module Picker strip – a Map Module and a Book Module.

The Map module shows where your photos were taken if your camera is GPS-enabled. If it’s not, you can select the spot on the map where the photo was taken and the coordinates will be added to the meta data of the photo. Pretty handy for anyone who wants to manage files and keep track of when and where their photos were taken.

The Book module is very sleek. It enables you to make a Blurb book within Lightroom; you don’t have to leave the application. This means you can design an entire book, from choosing the book trim size to the type of cover you’d like (hardcover, softcover, ImageWrap) to selecting layouts (lots to choose from) and picking paper (Standard, Premium, or ProLine). As you make your choices, the estimated price of your finished book is displayed, making it really easy to get from photos to finished book quickly and efficiently.

Photo-editing in your book is easy too. If you need to adjust any images, the changes show up in the book as they’re made. Once you’ve designed the book (including adding text if you’d like), you can either export it as a PDF or send it to Blurb for printing … and you’ve never had to leave Lightroom. Nice. I’ll be making even more books now.

Lightroom 4 is definitely an upgrade you’ll want to get. I’ve just started playing with it, but I really like what I’ve seen so far.

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